With love from Blackburn by Stella Boothman

‘With love from Blackburn’

10 ceramic plaques with relief text glazed in a variety of vibrant colours as part of the Creative Spaces project.  The plaques contain a series of text, words and short statements that act as messages of positivity or a call to action to the community.

As individuals and communities, we have been through so much during the past year, keeping going and remaining positive has been harder for people than it has ever been before. The plaques

serve as a celebration and acknowledgement of this fact, to be an important reminder of the value of being part of a community.

As a town, and throughout our wonderful variety of communities, we are looking out for each other, offering kindness and help, friendship and care, support and love. The overall message

being that we are stronger together. As people look at the plaques, they see the words and perhaps take a moment to reflect on, and connect to the words in some way, we are sending a message of comfort and hope from the town of Blackburn to its people.

Stella’s core practice as a ceramic artist is split into two main areas: teaching and sharing the joys of the ceramic making process with others; and designing and building ceramic objects.

Although she does utilise the pottery wheel, Stella mainly hand builds using age old skills and techniques, to create both functional items that can be used in the home and sculptural contemporary works that are exhibited in galleries and purchased as decorative objects.

The alchemy of ceramics yields an endless treasure trove of possibilities, the transformation of mud through fire, heat and decoration with ground glass and metals into objects that are both functional and beautiful is a life-long pursuit, I am always learning, and ever exploring what these materials can do when they come together.

Stella has experience of exhibiting sculptural work, assisting with curating, undertaking private commissions, teaching classes and offering community-based workshops, as well as developing and enabling opportunities for socially engaged practice.

Artist details:

Stella Boothman has lived in Blackburn for 46 years and worked in the town for all of her adult life.  She works very closely with the Blackburn Artistic Community through The Bureau Centre for the Arts. She delivers creative workshops to different groups of people within the town and co-manages and

facilitate Blackburn’s ‘Paint the Town Event’.


Website: www.pendlepottery.co.uk (currently under construction as I have just

changed website provider). Please refer to my previous site

www.stellaboothman.com though this will not contain details of more recent work and is due to expire.


29 Northgate (right hand & corner window)

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