We’re Looking Forward by Robert Howell

‘We’re Looking Forward’

A banner, part of the Creative Spaces project, that resonates but subverts the long standing tradition of British political banners to recognise, highlight and celebrate a new era.

Banners represent people and communities, they are something to stand behind – a rallying point.

Artist information:

Robert Howell is a Blackburn based professional artist & banner maker with thirty years

Robert’s most recent work has been a series of banners called The Universal Protest Project. Some of these were exhibited as an installation at Banner Culture, British Textile Biennial, 2019. 

A series of beautifully crafted banners with words and slogans that could be taken on any protest march. These messages are more akin to cardboard placards but embrace the traditions of traditionally sewn banners. ‘We’re Looking Forward’ is the latest of these with hand-drawn lettering inspired by early 20th century signwriting.

I sought design inspiration from historical banners though with a more contemporary aesthetic. Robert has also played close attention to the mechanics.

Banner poles are the skeletons of banners – they give them structure and a third-dimension. Sleeves, cord and turreted hanging tabs are all used along with side tabs for two pole banners, pole tapes and ties.

Robert also has many years’ experience in arts management and is a director of Culturapedia, a successful arts management company based in Blackburn and working across Lancashire.

Instagram: universal_protest_project


29 Northgate (left window)

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