Webinar to attract customers post-lockdown and shopper stats

Springboard: Re-opening retail post Covid

Springboard, who provide footfall measurement in Blackburn town centre, have released a report on the findings of a recent survey and study on shoppers preferences and concerns in a post-lockdown retail world.  If you’d like a copy of the full report just let me know.  Some of the key findings are:-

  • Shoppers have major reservations concerning safety prior to returning to shopping destinations. (32% are nervous compared to 14% excited.) 
  • Observing social distancing (29%), limiting the number of people in stores (26%) and the availability of hand sanitisers (22%) are the main elements which would make people feel safer. Face coverings much less so (8%). 
  • There is a big concern about other people not following the safety measures (36%) and there being long queues to get into shops (32%).
  • 20% will be buying fewer items post lockdown and 28% will shop in a more considered way for better quality items in the future. 
  • The aspects people have missed most during lockdown are: Restaurants/cafes; (32%) Fashion (21%); Entertainment (16%).
  • People were asked which type of shopping destination they’d visit post lockdown and how often.  High Streets – 42% will visit less often; 45% about the same / Larger towns/city centres – 53% less often; 30% about the same / Retail Parks – 48% less often; 45% about the same / Shopping Centres (indoors) – 51% less often; 32% about the same.

Free Live Webinar: Post Lockdown Retail – How to get Customers Spending Again – Thursday 18 June @ 12pm

Please find below details of a free webinar on Thursday which might be helpful to you.

THURSDAY 18th JUNE @ 12:00
 https://mcusercontent.com/163627d40a8af56e023c97b3e/images/045474f3-05f0-4d53-be1d-a489813fea67.png   Sign me up! Fide APl | 4th Floor National House | 60-66 Wardour Street | W1F 0TA | London 

Here’s a link to https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/6840396495137141264

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