Turtle Bay Launch New Range of Rum ‘n’ Tonics Just in Time for National Rum Day!

• Six premium rum and tonic pairings
• Set to be this year’s hot new drinking trend
• Using Double Dutch Tonics

There’s a new way to drink rum. Alongside stunning rum cocktails and rum sharing boards, Turtle Bay has added six premium rum and tonic pairings to its drinks menu.

Forget G&Ts – this year it’s all about Rum ‘n’ Tonic. With rum sales nearly tipping gin last year, Turtle Bay’s Rum ‘n’ Tonics are set to be this year’s hot new drinking trend. Last year, the sugar-cane based liquor netted over £991m on British shores alone – a record year for a seasoned spirit with a colourful past. These new cocktails are all about marrying the flavours of each rum with a perfectly paired tonic.

The Rum ‘n’ Tonic menu features six specially selected, high quality rums – a taster of the 40 Caribbean varieties that are available at Turtle Bay. Unlike any other spirit, rum encompasses a huge range of flavour profiles, from the crisp, fresh, often coconutty white rums, to warm, toasty gold rums and the rich, dark spicy rums.

The rums are each served with a Double Dutch tonic and cost £4.95. For a stronger drink, another shot of rum can be added for an extra £2.

The premium tonics have been carefully selected to perfectly complement, but not overpower, the flavours of each rum to create six distinctive Rum n Tonics. Double Dutch use only the highest quality ingredients in their mixers and each bottle is entirely made without any artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives.

The three tonics on the Rum ‘n’ Tonic menu are a classic Indian tonic, Cucumber and Watermelon tonic and Cranberry and Ginger tonic.

The Indian tonic has been paired with Angostura 1919 and Mezan Jamaica XO, two rums with gorgeous caramel and spicy notes, which shine through the subtle flavours of the tonic. These cocktails are garnished with fresh mint and lime – the perfect drink for the seasoned gin and tonic lover, who wants something more familiar but with a Caribbean twist!

The Cucumber and Watermelon tonic is slightly sweeter and works perfectly with lighter rums. El Dorado 3 (a bright, clean white rum from Guyana with coconut and vanilla notes) and Mount Gay Black Barrel (a Bajan gold rum with warm toasty notes) are perfect partners for this refreshing tonic. These drinks are garnished with a fresh watermelon wedge and slices of cucumber.

Finally, the Cranberry and Ginger tonic works well with spicy rums. The two rums paired with this tonic are Foursquare Spiced (a Bajan rum with spicy & sweet with notes of nutmeg and gingerbread) and Gosling’s Black Seal (a rich and well-balanced dark rum from Bermuda with enticing notes of butterscotch, vanilla and caramel). These drinks are garnished with dried cranberries.

The marriage of Cranberry and the cinnamon notes in these rums are perfectly combined to bring a delicious experience which rum lovers across the board will enjoy.

Rum ‘n’ Tonic is the next big thing for rum lovers who want to enjoy a long drink, but still want to appreciate the complex, delicate flavours of Turtle Bay’s stunning rum collection… and of course G&T lovers who are ready for an exciting new option!

Silvia Aliprandi, Turtle Bay’s resident rum expert, who has created the Rum ‘N’ Tonics menu, said: “We’re very proud of the new Rum ‘n’ Tonics menu at Turtle Bay! Rum is becoming more and more popular and that looks set to continue over the next few years.

“We wanted to create a new selection of drinks that showcased some of the amazing 40 rums on offer here at Turtle Bay and give rum lovers a magical new drinking experience.”

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