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Please find attached Blackburn BID Member HSBC’s latest calendar of free ‘Always On’ webinars available to all BID members and staff. 

Next week is Talk Money Week: 6–10 November 2023, an annual campaign that aims to get people talking about money.

Organised by the Money and Pensions Service, Talk Money Week encourages discussions about personal finance, breaking down the taboo associated with money matters. By encouraging conversations about budgeting, savings, managing debt, it equips people with the knowledge and confidence to navigate complex financial landscapes.

In an era where financial challenges are prevalent, fostering understanding and awareness about money adopts better financial wellbeing, helping individuals and families secure their future and make sound financial choices. For more information click here.

For Talk Money week HSBC have two special webinars available:

  • Managing Debt can have an impact on your mental health. Join us for a special live webinar on Monday 6th November at 11am. To register click here.
  • Budgeting will enable you to take control of your finances, make informed decisions, and work towards your financial goals with confidence. Join us for a special live webinar on Wednesday 8th November at 3:30pm. To register click here.

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