Storylogs by Emma Dawson Varughese

Storylog trail

Funded by the European Union and H M Government’s Reopening High Street Safely programme, Blackburn’s exciting ‘Creative Spaces’ (2021) project invites you to discover pop-up art around the town.

As part of this celebration of public art, find seven ‘Storylogs’ concealed in Blackburn town centre. Each log welcomes you to the town centre in its own unique way and reflects the town’s various communities and their heritages.

Find yourself near a Storylog in a town square, be welcomed by one at the bus station or find one on a busy walk-way; each piece of Storylog artwork has a QR code you can scan to find out more about this town centre project.

Artist details:

Story logs ( are made by Staffordshire Moorlands artist Emma D Varughese. A literary-arts venture, she works with logs, decorative hardware and poetic/lyrical text.

Her most recent project (Nov 2020 – March 2021) is funded by Arts Council England [ACE], entitled ‘And The World Changed’ – ‘And The World Changed’ created a doorstep, cultural offer in a semi-rural location that reflects on the recent period of stilling and slow down we have been experiencing.

Emma has always been fascinated by language, culture, ‘identity’ and interwoven artistic expressions of these. She speaks several European languages (BA degree) and has a good working knowledge of Hindi (spoken), Urdu and Arabic (spoken and written). She has lived in the Middle East (the Gulf) and teaches at a university in south India for a semester every year; she writes academically on shifting identities in post-millennial south Asia and the



  1. Cathedral Square
  2. Ainsworth St by Blackburn Bus Station
  3. Blackburn College Grounds (pathway off Northgate near to Sports Centre)
  4. Church St
  5. Town Hall Square
  6. Victoria Gardens (side of County Court & The Mall car park, rear of the Town Hall)
  7. Fleming Square

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