Paint The Town workshop with Steve Crowther

Artist Steve Crowther will be hosting a workshop on Wednesday 23rd June, 6.30-9pm.

The live event will be held on Zoom and will give participants an introduction to Urban Sketching with the aim to encourage participants to have a go and register for this year’s Paint The Town event on 26 June.

The workshop will be limited to 20 people. Here’s a link to book your spot:

Steve said: “This workshop will hopefully give you some hints and tips on getting your sketch right and to remove some of the fright of adding colour.

“We will look at materials and basic techniques that I have found useful, some learnt from other artists and some through experimenting.

“I’ve used a lot of paint and paper lately and really enjoyed capturing the environment around my locality, much better than snapping a quick photo.”

Below is Steve’s biog and some examples of his fantastic artwork

ARTIST DETAILS: Steve Crowther

I have been drawing on and off for as long as I can remember and as a past teacher of technology, I was always visualising design ideas with pupils. This involved inadvertently teaching myself how to draw straight lines, which I have now come to realise is a curse for an artist!

In 2008 I decided that I wanted to learn to paint so I could add some life to my black and white sketches, so I joined Whalley Art Group and have been a member ever since, and I now run the Monday evening class.

After trying my hand at most things, I have settled on watercolours, like everyone starting out, I thought they would be the easiest… how wrong I was! But my love of the straight line led me to paintings buildings and adding colour with my beloved watercolours.

I very quickly learned that straight lines are not a good thing. They made my sketches look too rigid and it took me years to get to the stage where I could do wavy lines and actually to allow my brain to give me the permission to let me.

The other thing that has spurred me on is using artist quality paints. It really does make a difference and is cheaper in the long run as they last longer.

Currently I have a studio at the Haworth Art Gallery Stable and Motor House Studios in Accrington and paint mostly local views and pet portraits. Some of this is done on the iPad, but most is paper and paints.

During lockdown we were unable to use our studios so I took myself home and used the first lockdown to hone my sketching and try to get a voice and a style. I did over 150 sketches and compiled these into the first volume of Social Distancing Sketches. I’m currently working on volume 2.

My favourite think to capture is the more mundane everyday views, I also like to add sun even when the day is cloudy. It’s always sunny in my world.

I have to admit to being a fair weather urban sketcher and I have had to work from photos most of the last 15 months, but there is nothing like sketching outside… when the weather is nice.

My current style has developed to include the minimum amount of materials to make transport easy. A couple of brushes five colours in a miniature palette and some paper and water. I am an expert at mixing colours, I can mix mud until the cows come home, so a minimal palette is essential for me. If I don’t have the colours I can’t mix mud.

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