Spectacular Birds Flock Into Town

Come face-to-face with birds of prey for an interactive display at the Blackburn BID’s countryside themed event in summer.

 Lancashire Hawks and Owls will be paying a flying visit to Countryside Comes to Town bringing with them a variety of endangered birds, including a Burrowing Owl and a Hawk.

The private organisation, which looks after birds of prey unable to return to the wild, regularly attends shows and private functions.

Event goers can hold, stroke and take a photograph with the birds. Margaret Pryce of Lancashire Hawks and Owls, said: “Visitors can come along for a captivating look at these delightful creatures. All of our birds in the display are hand reared and will be available to for photographs which will be available for purchase at the event. For those who are interested we will also be giving talks on how the birds have become endangered due to today’s environment.”

The feathered friends will be paying a flying visit to the Cathedral Grounds during the event to be held on Saturday, June 20.

For more information about Countryside Comes to Town visit the Blackburn BID’s website https://www.blackburnbid.co.uk/

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