A Perfume Revolution Comes To Blackburn

Spanish perfumery, Equivalenza, continue their UK expansion by opening a new store in Blackburn’s popular shopping centre.

With over 100 female fragrances and 50 for men, customers can find a wide range of perfume and fragrance products that are extraordinary in quality and longevity. The Equivalenza range offers complimentary items such as home aromatics, body mists, and essence perfumes.

All perfumes are set at a price based on quantity purchased and are refillable saving the customer money on repeat visits. No longer do customers have to choose the perfume that fits their budget they can now pick the one that suits best.

In just two years the company has opened 500 stores worldwide and is planning to open more throughout the UK in the next three to five years.

The Spanish company has revolutionized the world of perfumery with its own brand concept and olfactory families. The brand have based their philosophy on high quality perfumes and scents using their own creations at low cost by avoiding aggressive advertising and removing industry middlemen.

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