Pubs restaurants & cafes to provide ‘smoke-free seating’ as part of new legislation

The Government’s Business and Planning Bill sets out measures to help pubs, restaurants and cafes provide outdoor seating areas (pavement café areas) quicker, easier and cheaper. 

Under an amendment to the legislation, which is yet to be approved and come into force, hospitality businesses will be required to ‘make reasonable provision for smoke-free seating’. 

This will include:

  • Clear ‘no smoking’ signage displayed in designated areas.
  • No ash trays or similar receptacles to be provided or permitted to be left on furniture where smoke-free seating is identified.
  • Pavement Café licence holders should aim for a minimum 2 metre distance between non-smoking and smoking areas, wherever possible.

First Northgate Alley Gating Scheme installed

I’m pleased to let you know that alley gates have now been installed on the alleyway off Northgate adjacent to Baileys Jewellers and at the rear of McDonalds.  Only the businesses and residents which have access to the alley from their premises will now have access.  This is the first of 2 alley gating schemes on Northgate, the second is also underway and planning permission has just been granted.

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