Creating Blackburn’s very own DNA for the future.

Blackburn’s new state-of-the-art Sixth Form will create its very own “Blackburn College DNA” – according to Principal and Chief Executive, Dr Fazal Dad.

The new Blackburn Sixth Form, which welcomed students in September, teaches students three core values: quality, success and ambition.

Dr Fazal Dad explains: “We want to form our very own Blackburn College DNA. We want to teach people that they can achieve anything when they study in the right place, on the right course, with the right teachers.

“We want Blackburn College to be known as the place that empowers, inspires and equips people to achieve their ambitions – no matter how big.

“We all want the best for our children – and here at Blackburn Sixth Form we will facilitate your child getting into the leading universities and the top profession they seek. Regardless of their background, we want our students to have the best opportunities available and our staff are here to help them achieve that.”

Blackburn Sixth Form will create a safe and secure environment for students to learn, study and socialise. With a wide choice of courses and excellent teaching facilities, the new centre is a significant investment in Blackburn town centre.

Fazal added: “Blackburn College and Blackburn Sixth Form have an integral part to play in the town around social mobility and improving life choices. We want education provided at our campus to inspire current and future generations to have – and achieve – the very highest hopes and aspirations for their future, whether that’s in medicine, architecture, pharmacy or another sector.”

Speaking about the last 18 months, Fazal said the Coronavirus pandemic has brought about a number of challenges – but also opportunities.

“The learning environment was forced to become completely digital overnight. This brought about some challenges, but also taught both staff and students a number of skills including resilience, adaptability and other life skills around communication and teamwork.

“Just like the world of employment, students had to adapt to different ways of working and overcoming obstacles. Our role now is to continue to harness these skills and create a multi-functional approach for our future workforce. We can’t just teach people for today. We need to teach students for tomorrow and beyond.

“Blackburn Sixth Form will not only teach our students’ academic qualifications, we will also build on this experience and further develop the softer skills that help to create a well-rounded employee and helps to secure employability.”

Fazal said he is aware that Blackburn needs to be seen through a different lens.

He explained: “It’s all about perception and I firmly believe this town is on the up and that presents us with opportunities. I see the construction of the new site at Blackburn College as a declaration that we are here to do business and ensure that the community is not left behind.

“Blackburn Sixth Form is an investment to demonstrate that we intend to improve the quality of education delivery, and associated skills, to ensure our young people are at the front of the line when it comes to employability.

“Blackburn Sixth Form will be an outstanding centre. It is the place to choose in East Lancashire. It will offer a five-day delivery, it will be safe and secure, and it will boast a significant investment in technology and the environment in which students’ study.

“We will focus on impact, intent and implementation to make sure your son or daughter achieve the very highest grades. If they have good attendance and fulfil their side of the partnership we will get them into a Russell Group university – which represents 24 leading UK universities.”

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