Sing Together brings hundreds of voices and thousands of visitors to Blackburn

The annual Sing Together concert series returns for a record breaking run this March at King George’s Hall.

The event, which is organised by Blackburn Cathedral’s Music Outreach Programme, features hundreds of school children from across Lancashire’s schools.

One of the organisers, Gill Fourie of Blackburn Cathedral, said: “We are thrilled that each year we reach more and more children and that they can come together as part of a large chorus of voices to perform to packed crowds at King George’s Hall in Blackburn.

“The teachers and children put so much hard work into the rehearsals and preparation for these concerts and we know the positive impact the power of song can have on their lives.

“Our aim is to bridge the gap seen in many Primary Schools, where a lack of confidence, musical knowledge or funding means that children can miss out on experiencing an exciting and enjoyable musical education. Our programme encourages teachers to sing in the classroom, set up choirs and provide them with ideas of how to produce beautiful singing in their own schools.”

Founded in 2009, Sing Together reaches over 5,000 primary school children and over 400 primary school teachers each year. The concerts run for 10 days beginning on Monday 2nd March 2020, and running until 12 March.

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