Safer, More Secure updates for BID members

We have a few ‘Safer, More Secure’ Updates for you:

BBAC Retail Crime Guide

Your town centre policing team are visiting retail businesses in the town centre at the moment, with copies of the attached guide, to help you and your staff deter, detect and deal with retail crime, in partnership with the police. 

The Guide has been produced as a partnership project between your Town Centre Policing Team, Blackburn BID and BBAC.

Download the PDF here

Shoplifting in Blackburn town centre

You will see from the attached guide, how important it is to REPORT all incidents of shoplifting which occur in your business – even if it has been deterred OR you have got the property back. 

You can do this via 101 or 

It’s really important that the police have a record of what shoplifting is happening where, and crucially, who is committing the crime. 

The police work with partners and take targeted enforcement action against repeat offenders in the town centre.  Also please note if you are using the town link radio to shout up when a shoplifting incident has occurred – if you want the police to attend you need to ask for the police, rather than BID Security. 

Whilst our security patrol officers do a fantastic job, they don’t have the powers of a police officer, and they aren’t logging incidents in your store with the police (albeit they send me a report).

Lancashire Talking

Lancashire Talking is Lancashire Police’s community engagement platform.  Through Lancashire Talking you can let the police know what it’s like to live and/or work (run a business) in your area and gives you the chance to tell them what issues matter most to you.

It is also an opportunity for you to raise any concerns you may have.  Significantly, your feedback received via Lancashire Talking enables the Neighbourhood Policing Teams, together with partner agencies, to act on the information received and tackle the issues raised. 

Members will then receive updates from their Neighbourhood Policing Team about the action taken based on the feedback received.  Your Town Centre Policing team are visiting businesses in the town centre at the moment, providing copies of the attached Retail Crime Guide, and helping you sign up to Lancashire Talking for your business. 

In the meantime you can find more information here:

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