Returning Safely Back to Work Workshop

We are always looking for opportunities to provide BID members with training and support which is relevant to you.

Blackburn BID Member Cummins Mellor is finding new ways to support businesses and has developed workshops to support businesses coming out of lockdown into recovery.  As part of this they have developed the following online training session:-

Returning Safely Back to Work – Workshop

As many businesses are re-opening their premises, or planning for it, there are so many aspects to consider but the wellbeing, workforce confidence and safety of your employees is critical.

Involving staff in their return to the workplace and in the risk assessment process means that not only are you getting the correct input and meeting your legal obligations as an employer, but you are relieving potential anxiety by including them in decision making for safeguarding matters and engagement achieving a Covid-safe workplace.

The workshop will cover all aspects of workplace safety to build confidence and communication to support workers back to the workplace, including:

  • How to implement a phased return 
  • What the best onboarding process looks like for employees returning, 
  • Evaluate what measures are put in place 
  • The importance of the risk assessment in a flexible workplace to ensure the safeguarding of employees, contractors and visitors
  • Explore the flexible working patterns and different ways to team working, collaboration and working hours 
  • The importance of employee wellbeing and engagement as they too transition to a new norm 
  • What actions each of us can take to look after ourselves

If this training is of interest to you and/or your team, please email as soon as possible.

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