Red Roses by Anna Jakovleva

‘Red Roses’

Two artworks using red roses donated by the Royal Society of St George (Blackburn with Darwen), forming part of the Creative Spaces trail

​The two locations for the artificial rose installations were specifically chosen because these sites were frequently visited and functional spaces, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic hitting the town and the world at large. The two sites convey the narrative of hope, trust, and unity.

The Cathedral is a place of faith and protection, a purpose, which it continues to serve throughout the pandemic – currently as a vaccination site.

The Mother, Child, and Lost Teddy sculpture opens itself to various interpretations. One of them is love, compassion and patience, which we hold for each other.

This ties in perfectly with roses, which were generously gifted by the Blackburn branch of the Royal Society of St George. Red roses are a universal unspoken symbol for “I love you”.

In these difficult times, we all need to feel the care and support of one another and to have hope of a brighter future. In adversity, people of all walks of life and cultural backgrounds come together in a shared goal. 

The rose installations are woven throughout in a way that invite the viewer in from afar, offering an opportunity for people of Blackburn to come together as well as remember those who we lost, those still suffering as well as honouring all our front line heroes.

Artist information:

Anna Jakovleva ​is a multi-disciplinary artist, working with artificial and dried flowers, using discarded waste material to create sculptures that resemble bioform as well as making floral digital illustrations.

Her work touches on the themes of the natural world and the negative impact of human agency. Anna mixes her media to juxtapose unexpected yet beautiful and fun objects in a way that commands engagement and inquiry from the viewer.

“When people look at my art they involuntarily seek out connections with nature and other forms of life through my work”.

Increased dependence of the human species on technology has led to the increased human drive to connect with nature. Anna’s work is a link, which helps to bridge the loss of connection to the natural world. 

Anna began working with artificial flowers last year at the start of the pandemic, creating ​realistic and vibrant flower arrangements, which exude personality and texture. Working with flowers, which might not go together in a traditional sense spurred her curiosity for larger scale whimsical floral installations. 

For this installation she was inspired by Guerilla Flower installations, to create a rose installation, which would showcase the surrounding architecture as well as the roses en masse, inviting the viewer to come and have a closer look.

Allowing the art work to go beyond the frame and spill out into the surrounding space with no definitive beginning or end.

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  1. Cathedral Grounds, Darwen St side, installation between gate post and streetlight
  2. Mother, child & Lost Teddy Statue, Cathedral Square, opposite Blackburn Train Station

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