Random Acts of Kindness – starting on 17 May 2021

Bunches of flowers, boxes of chocolates and other gifts are being left around Blackburn town centre as ‘random acts of kindness’. 

Between 1722 May, Blackburn BID and its members will be leaving the kind gestures on benches, bus stops, car parks, station platforms and other locations to help spread some positivity.

Each of the gifts has a message attached simply saying ‘Random Act of Kindness’ with the name of the business which has donated it and the hashtag #ExperienceBlackburn.

A fairy godmother character will also be in Blackburn with her magic wand treating visitors with acts of kindness, from paying for a coffee or car parking, to giving out gift vouchers to spend in the town centre.

Catherine Price, Blackburn town centre BID Manager, said: “We hope that these small random acts of kindness will help to bring a smile to the faces of those who encounter them. It has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone, especially the businesses within the town centre.

“The random acts of kindness signify the next stage of the roadmap to recovery – the reopening of leisure and hospitality venues. It’s such a positive step, and we want to spread this positive feeling.  We also want to highlight what a lovely and friendly place Blackburn is.

“This campaign highlights that even a little support can go a long way. There are no strings attached, and we’d love to see who has received one of our random acts of kindness by sharing a photo on the Blackburn BID and Experience Blackburn social media channels.”


To mark Step 3 of the Roadmap our of lockdown (providing it takes place on this date), we will be delivering ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ throughout Blackburn town centre to visitors, with the help of a Fairy Godmother roaming character. 

We’d like your help with this.

  • Please suggest some random acts of kindness that we can perform during that week. They don’t have to cost anything, but it’s ok if they do!
  • If there’s anything you’d like to donate to give as a random act of kindness please let me know. 

A card you can print and add your company name to is available here so the finder knows who has left them their gift.

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