Test your knowledge of Blackburn

How much do you know about Blackburn? As a bit of fun during the lockdown, we’re inviting you to take part in our Blackburn quiz.

Over the next few days and weeks we will be sharing questions that wlll flex your grey matter about the town. The questions have been compiled by The Mall Blackburn and Blakey Moor Townscape Heritage Project, and pulled together by the Blackburn BID team.

So, share the questions with your friends and see who can get the most right.

We’ll be sharing a new question each day, starting from Monday 18 May, and revealing the answers here on this web page the following day.

Good luck!



In what year was the Daniel Thwaites & Co brewery established?

ANSWER: 1807


Where in Blackburn would you find this painting by famous street artists, Dale Grimshaw?

ANSWER: Rear of Lord Street West or Prism Gallery


Before it was Blackburn Cathedral, what was it previously? 

ANSWER: St Mary’s Parish Church


When was the last time her Majesty the Queen visited Blackburn?

ANSWER: 17th April 2014


The statue of William E Gladstone now stands at the junction of Northgate and Blakey Moor, but where was he originally positioned?

ANSWER: Boulevard


In what month and year was The Ewood Park ground officially opened?

ANSWER: April 1882


In what decade did The Mall Blackburn open?

ANSWER: 1960’s


Blackburn’s statue of Queen Victoria is located next to the Cathedral grounds, what was the date it was unveiled?

ANSWER: 30th September 1905


What year did David Bowie play King George’s Hall?  

ANSWER: 1973


The Mall Blackburn has a fury pink mascot. What is his name?

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