Town Centre Policing Update

This week, your town centre Policing team have been working in uniform as well as plain clothes to target retail crime and anti-social behaviour. Over the last two days, we have dealt with the following:

  • 1x youth anti-social behaviour incident.
  • 1x missing from home incident.
  • 3x breaches of the town centre Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for persons with open alcohol containers on them.
  • 7x breaches of the PSPO for persons found in a position to beg or actually begging.

Along with this, we have some good news relating to prolific shoplifter Carl Poynton. He was arrested earlier this week for shoplifting in the town centre, was charged, remanded and has now received an 8 week prison sentence.

This is an excellent result and just shows the importance of reporting all incidents to the Police.  

Update from: PC Emma Lougheed

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