Paint The Town 2019 Terms and Conditions

Paint the Town

Terms & Conditions of Entry – General

1.Entries must be entirely original and created within the area of the Blackburn Business Improvement District (BID) boundary, between 8am and 6pm on Saturday 26thOctober 2019.

2.Artists wishing to participate must register by 5pm on Saturday 12thOctober 2019, have confirmed their chosen painting location and have paid the non-refundable £10 registration fee to take part.

3.Artists should report to the Event Hub at The Bureau Centre for the Arts located at the former Daniel’s Visitor Centre, Penny Street, Blackburn, BB1 6HQ, before commencing work. Each canvas, paper, board (or other material capable of being stamped) will be stamped at the start confirming it is blank. Primed surfaces are acceptable. Unstamped work will be excluded from the competition and exhibition.

4.Any media or style will be acceptable including photography (but please see separate t’s & c’s for photography). The maximum size of media permitted, to allow for exhibition of the work, will be 92cm x 92cm.

5.Submitted work may be submitted framed or unframed. A reasonable level of presentation will be expected for the subsequent exhibition.  

6.Completed work should be submitted at The Bureau Event Hub by 6pm on Saturday 26thOctober 2019. Artists can only submit one piece of event work for judging and subsequent exhibition.

7.Judging will take place following the event and the announcement will be made at the Prize Giving & Exhibition Launch event, at The Bureau Event Hub, on Thursday 7thNovember 2019. There will be cash prizes and artists’ materials prizes for work judged by a Judging Panel selected by the Paint the Town organisers. There will be a separate prize for artwork created within and of the Blackburn Blakey Moor Townscape Heritage Area.  There will also be an award decided through votes on social media and will be announced at the Launch event. Prize money will be paid to winning artists within 30 days of the event.

8.Please note that sponsors of the event may be awarded a piece of winning artwork in recognition of their sponsorship. 

9.All submitted eligible work will be exhibited for sale in the gallery, at The Bureau Centre for the Arts, for 2 weeks commencing Thursday 7thNovember 2019. Any winning artworks which have been agreed to be donated to sponsor(s) will be exhibited but not for sale.

10.The retail price of each work exhibited will be agreed between the artist and Paint the Town event organisers on the day of the event. Artists are asked to consider the price they would like to charge for their work before submitting it at the end of the event day.  The artist will retain 60% of the agreed selling price.  The remaining 40% will go to support the Paint the Town event costs and work of The Bureau centre for the Arts.

11.By registering and taking part in the event all artist participants agree to the exhibition and sale or donation of their finished artwork as outlined in these terms and conditions.

12.All artwork included in the exhibition which is unsold and not to be donated to a sponsor is to be collected from The Bureau Event Hub by the end of November 2019.  It is the artists’ responsibility to collect the work, there is no delivery facility provided.  At the discretion of the event organisers any uncollected work may be donated to The Bureau, or otherwise used to generate funds to support the event.

13.This is an open air event and artists must come to the event appropriately prepared for the weather conditions on the day.

14. Artists can paint indoors or outdoors but if the latter, must have permission of the owner/occupier before doing so.

15. Artists must choose a location in advance of the event and must not change the location without the permission of the organisers, as the artists’ locations will form an artists’ trail for visitors to follow as part of the event.  This is not applicable to photography entrants (see below).

16.The event organisers will make the decision as to whether the event goes ahead in the event of bad weather conditions. Should the event organisers determine that the event is to be cancelled they will use reasonable endeavours to contact participants but will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred as a result of cancellation.

17.Artists are personally responsible for their work and arranging their own art transit to The Bureau Event Hub as appropriate and personal liability insurance throughout the competition and exhibition period. All artist participants are responsible for their own health, safety and welfare during the event.

18.All artist participants must accept being filmed and photographed by all Paint the Town media partners, the organisers and their representatives throughout the event. Images and reproductions of both artist participants and their work may be used for the reporting and promotion of the 2019 and future Paint the Town events across all media.

19.All artist participants agree to images of their completed works being used in the production of event marketing and merchandise, in whatever form. All artists accept that no fee will be paid for this use. All profits from the sale of merchandise will be retained by Paint the Town organisers for the funding of Paint the Town 2019 and future events.

Terms & Conditions of Entry – Photography

The above terms and conditions apply and the following additional terms and conditions are applicable specifically to photography entrants:-

  1. Photography must be analogue only.  
  • Photography artists must attend the Event Hub from 8am to register their camera and collect a new unused film to be used for the competition.
  • Additional costs will apply for the cost of the film and processing approximately £15/£20 in total.
  • The issued film must then be brought back to The Bureau Event Hub to be developed in the Event Hub dark room.  Support will be provided by this.
  • Photography entrants are not required to pick a location in advance of the event, however they must stay within the boundary of the BID area during the event and the submitted image must be of a location within the BID area.
  • A single photographic image from the film can be submitted to the competition and the exhibition, and this must be selected and fully processed as a physical image in time for submission by 6pm in line with the other artists’ work.

By registering to participate, I, the artist, understand and agree to abide by the rules of the event. I am entering into this competition at my own risk. Paint the Town, its organisers or representatives will not be responsible for any injury or damage to me, those with me, my belongings, or my artwork at any time during this event.

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