Newground projects to benefit your team

Newground are working on a number of projects which might benefit members of your team:

The pandemic and associated restrictions have placed a lot of stress and difficulty on many people this past year, and businesses and their staff have been hit particularly hard.  

Newground are currently leading on an initiative that could benefit your employees. The Energy Redress scheme helps support people who may be struggling with fuel poverty due to a loss in income (as a result of being furloughed or working on reduced hours), or increased fuel demand due to home schooling or working from home. 

If any of your employees are struggling with fuel payments and have a pre-payment meter at home, you can help them to access up to 3 fuel payment vouchers worth £35 – £49 each.  

All you need to do is: 

1.         Contact us to provide your business and contact details

2.         Complete a simple registration form with your employee (attached)

Newground will then contact the individual directly to confirm their details and issue them with the voucher.  The process is simple and could really help support those who have been financially impacted by Covid-19.   

I’m also attaching an information sheet but if you would like more information or would like to refer any members of your staff for the scheme, please contact Rachel Davies by email or call 01254 669001 or 07966 312 969.

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