Marketing & Promoting Blackburn with Events and BID Initiatives

Blackburn businesses value marketing and promotional events that increase visitors into the town. We will work in partnership with a range of organisations to develop a calendar of events to attract visitors into the town centre.


Plan and deliver a range of high quality events in partnership with a range of organisations to promote Blackburn as a vibrant town, to encourage footfall all year round

Continue to provide a dedicated communications function to support the promotion of positive messages about the town centre to attract visitors, new businesses and residents via a range of channels including PR, social media, advertising, branding and marketing support

Target visitors from the wider area by continuing to work collaboratively with a range of organisations & partners

Produce regular newsletters to encourage participation in working groups, raise awareness and additional income through voluntary levy payers

Promote the developing evening trade & night-time economy

Explore opportunities for cross-sector networking events, consolidating existing partnerships and forging new ones

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