‘Living with Covid-19’ statement

The Prime Minster Boris Johnson has made a statement to the House of Commons about ‘Living with Covid-19’.

Key points from the statement include:

  • We have now passed the peak of the Omicron wave, and the link between infection and disease has been substantially weakened
  • The Government will now remove all remaining domestic restrictions.  From this Thursday:
    • The legal requirement to self-isolate following a positive Covid test will no longer apply
    • Routine contact tracing will end
    • The legal requirement for close contacts to self-isolate will be removed
  • The advice to those who test positive will be to self-isolate but otherwise people should exercise personal responsibility (just as those with flu)
  • Testing on the scale we have been is much less important and much less valuable – testing cost £2bn alone in January in law
  • From 1st April free symptomatic and asymptomatic testing will end for the general public.  Free symptomatic tests will be available for the oldest age groups and vulnerable, and the Government is working with retailers to ensure tests are available to purchase to anyone who wants them.
  • From 1st April the Government will no longer recommend use of the voluntary covid status (NHS covid pass) although the status will still be available on the App.
  • Going forwards the government will protect the most vulnerable with targeted vaccines.  They will be offering a spring booster to over 75s and most vulnerable  over 12s
  • They will also continue to track the virus in granular detail to spot surges and new variants to maintain resilience.

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