Lancashire Folk Love Lattes!

It’s official, Lancashire folk love lattes according to a new study by The Mall Blackburn.

To mark International Coffee Day on Tuesday 29th September, the shopping centre asked each of its five coffee retailers to name their best selling coffee drink – with latte roasting the competition!

Made with espresso and lashings of steamed milk, latte was in poll position in Costa Coffee, Rhode Island Coffee and Coffee Exchange.

Hot on the heels of Latte was cappuccino, a similar tasting drink but with less milk, which came out on top in Eresso and Country Larder.

Loraine Jones, General Manager at The Mall Blackburn, said: ““Every good shopping trip needs a coffee pit stop and according to the bean gurus in The Mall, the latte roasts the competition!

“It seems that Lancashire shoppers can’t get enough of them and I have to confess, a latte is my favourite too! – Happy International Coffee Day!”

The three best selling products at each coffee retailer are:

Costa Coffee


Flat White


Rhode Island Coffee


Flat white

Caramel latte




Flavoured coffee

Coffee Exchange




Country Larder



Black coffee

International Coffee Day (also known as Coffee Day or National Coffee Day) is a worldwide annual event observed on September 29 for the celebration and enjoyment of the popular beverage coffee.



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