Blackburn Youth Zone helps businesses access Kickstart fund

Blackburn Youth Zone has teamed up with Newground (part of Together Housing Group) – to help businesses access the Kickstart fund. 

Kickstart is designed to help employers hire young people who are claiming Universal Credit or at risk of long term unemployment. This scheme is important as there are high barriers to young people entering the job market. Locally we have seen a recent 64% increase in young people claiming benefits.

There is, as you’d expect, criteria to meet: 

Criterion 1) The fund is only accessible for employers who are able to provide a minimum of 30 work placement opportunities – if this is you, please get in touch and we can discuss how BYZ can help. 

For many employers, this target of 30 is just not possible. That’s why Blackburn Youth Zone is teaming up with Newground to form a consortium of employers who would be able to offer one or two placements. On your behalf, BYZ and Newground will act as an intermediary to access the funding and find the right young people for you. 

Criterion 2) Employers must offer ‘wrap-around’ support for young people in placements to give them the best chance of succeeding. 

BYZ and Newground will provide this ‘wrap-around’ support for you, providing in-work mentoring, soft skills development and employability skills. 

Our ask

Please get in touch if: 

1.       If you are able to employ 30 young people and considering applying for Kickstart funding yourself, let BYZ/Newground help by providing the ‘wrap-around’ support for you to help each young employee reach their potential

2.       Would you be willing to provide 1 or 2 jobs for young people as part of the Kickstart initiative for 6 months (BYZ/Newground will apply for the grant on your behalf as part of a wider consortium and provide the wrap-around support) 

Remember, the salaries and NI is paid for each young person you employ on this programme. 

We have a business breakfast for more information on Thursday 8th October 2020 and we’d be delighted if you could join us to find out more. If you would like the link please do email for the link.

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