The Insights Family – Making It Matter Report 2022

The Insights Family provide ethical GDPR and COPPA compliant real-time global data on kids, parents and families which enables organisations to identify opportunities, mitigate risks and make smarter decisions. 

They have released a report called ‘Making it Matter – Why Every Organisation Needs to be Family First’.  The report states that according to UNICEF, there are 2.3 billion kids aged 3-18 in the world – this generation cannot be ignored. 

The modern family is learning that the old ways of doing things may no longer apply – parents are understanding and listening to the needs of their kids-– the family unit is now more democratic than ever.  Some of the key insights of the report are that:

  • Children influence most household purchases, including new cars.  It might be expected that kids would have influence over purchases, such as TV subscriptions (63%), which contain their favourite shows. However, what has emerged is kid influence growing over categories that might not directly concern

them, such as the purchase of new cars (41%, which represents a +10% growth yearon-year).

  • Kids are demanding that organisations embody their values.  This generation are empowered to support brands that they feel align with their values. On average, the number of kids aged 6-9 who report their purchase behaviour influenced by this has increased by +11% globally.
  • Trust in TV advertising falls with young parents.  Gen Z parents (aged 18-25) are 41% less likely to trust adverts they see on TV and more likely to trust the recommendations of influencers (+72%) compared to Baby Boomers (age 56+).

You can find out more information and download a free copy of the report here.

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