Inclusive Community by Juvairiyya Patel

‘Inclusive Community’.

Having this work on display for all the public to see shows inclusiveness. It is showing how the community is inclusive to disabled people, providing equal opportunities. It shows the open-mindedness of the general public in Blackburn to include Deaf and disabled people, such as myself. This installation forms part of the Creative Spaces project.

From my experiences, Deaf and disabled people are pushed to one side and not given the proper chance to access opportunities to be included in the community. This artwork being showcased in public would be a huge statement about equality and inclusiveness.

The artwork is a full body portrait of myself, incorporating the styles of Fauvism and Expressionism. The bright, vibrant colours are the portrayal of my emotions. The prejudice from people, when they see me, are that, because I am disabled, I am sad and they feel sorry for me. I do not feel this way at all. I am happy and view everything in a positive way. This is what this artwork is attempting to communicate.

Artist information:

Juvairiyya Patel has lived in Blackburn for all her life, she also attends Blackburn college as a student studying Fine Art BA, currently in her last year. She has a strong connection to Blackburn as her artwork and experiences have all been in and around Blackburn.

Juvairiyya wanted her work included in the project to show this connection to Blackburn and to show how it has given her the best opportunity to succeed.

Instagram: juvyp_artist.22


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