A sweet story of “Liquid Gold” at Blackburn Market

Lancashire honey

A Lancashire Beekeeper brought their products and fascinating stories about beekeeping to Blackburn Market at the weekend.

The Finest Honey, based in Darwen, got hooked on the magical world of the honey bee and the incredible product that comes from it…”Liquid Gold”!

Owner Leigh Sheldon, said: “We started keeping bees around seven years ago and instantly became immersed in the love for these incredible little creatures and the amazing things they can do. From there we began to collect small amounts of surplus honey from our own bees as gifts for family and friends.

“As is the way with honey bees, our number of colonies started to expand and hand in hand with that, so did the honey yields. We began to sell honey from the house and the interest in raw honey was overwhelming. We sold our entire first crop in 2017 within a week!”

Now, in collaboration with a range of ethical beekeepers, they have a range of honey related products as well as the pots of “Liquid Gold” – the honey itself.

To find out more, visit https://www.thefinesthoney.co.uk/

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