Great Big Green Week

The Great Big Green Week will take place 18 – 26 September 2021, and will be the largest event for climate and nature ever seen in the UK. 

In support of this, we are promoting positive environment messages about Blackburn town centre and our businesses. 

If you have anything you would like to promote about your businesses being green, environmentally friendly or sustainable, please email and we will include it in our social media campaign.

Green Week businesses include:

Mooreys Health Store

We have always tried to be environmentally conscious.

  • We have mainly used FSC certified wood shelving for decades, instead of standard metal
  • We ensure all the waste we can is recycled, approx 97%. 
  • We actively buy our products in recyclable, or recycled, packaging.
  • Our carrier bags were bio-degradable 20 years before everyone else caught up. 
  • We have ‘planted’ two 4KW solar farms to reduce our impact on C02 emissions. 
  • We offset our printing (paper) by funding tree planting.
  • Most of our suppliers are within 100 miles to minimise food miles. 
  • Our main car is a hybrid to reduce C02 emissions on business journeys. 
  • Both direct and with our business partners we support many national and international environmental charities.
  • We keep anything that may be useful.  We still have old shelves, wires, old phones, old computers, etc etc.  And sometimes we do re-use these items, and it saves virgin materials being used.


At Nightsafe we have an Enviromental Task & Finish group below are suggestions we are trying to make across all our projects:

  • Reduce use of tumble driers – hang outdoor as much as possible or use maidens
  • Reduce heating temp
  • Reduce water temperature – by doing this, we use less water because we need to add less cold water 
  • Use shorter washing cycles – more than a daily 30min cycle  unnecessary
  • Dont use the dishwasher until it if full
  • Print out back to back  
  • Print out in black and white as much as possible
  • Save as much as possible electronically and not print out if 
  • Re use dis guarded letters/forms for scrap  (as long as no confidential information on)
  • Re use plastic liner for small waste bins. These can be used as many as 4/5 times, until it rips (empty rubbish into large bin)
  • Buy biodegradable bags for bins so they break down and not go on landfill
  • Use re-fills for washing up fabric softners/soap etc – save bottles 
  • Save plastic milk bottles and make bird feeders for winter or use as a plant starter (slice along middle so it looks like guttering and fill with soil) OR, AND plastic gardening tags, label plants
  • ·         Put shredded paper into cardboard boxes and into the re cycle bin NOT paper into plastic bags (plastic bags can’t be re cycled so means shredded paper wont be)
  • Re use glass jars into pen/pencil holders (get YP to decorated them) use for coffee and tea – dont’ buy canisters, put rice/pasta into larger jars to keep fresh
  • Turn lights off when not in room
  • Dim computer screen lights
  • Unplug electronics when not being used
  • Install motion activated light switches
  • Use energy saving light bulbs
  • Use recycled paper
  • Use environmentally friendly products such has cleaning products
  • Bring plants indoors improve air circulation and air quality
  • Eat less meat could challenges with the young people do a meatless day. 

ee details on New Look etc.


Just like food and water, H&M, like their clothes toxic-free. H&M believe we can help protect our water, air and soil by avoiding harmful chemicals, fossil-based energy sources and single-use packaging. Basically, everything that’s essential to our survival. That’s why they have set an ambitious goal: to be climate positive by 2040. This means they will remove more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than they create. 

H&M are exploring new, more sustainable ways to make, transport and package their products!.

Not a fan of plastic bags? Neither are they. If you step into one of their stores, you won’t find any plastic bags because they have replaced them all with paper ones. You can find cute, reusable shopping bags in organic cotton or recycled polyester.

Although H&M still use plastic packaging for online orders and to transport clothes from production to their stores, they are planning to change this. By 2025, the plastic packaging used will be reusable, recyclable or compostable.


Specsavers have a new range of frames coming to their stores launching on the 13th September. The collection is called ReWear  and is a really exciting collection.

There are 24 frames in the collection, prices start from £89 and are included in their 2-for-1 offer

The ReWear Mission Statement:

  • Every frame in the ReWear collection is made of five water bottles
  • Plastic bottles are sorted, washed and chopped into flakes
  • The clean flake is blended, melted and turned into pre-recycle granules ready to be made into chips
  • These chips are then transformed into the raw materials of RPET

Inspired by nature and simple living the range is packed full of rich colours found within nature such as blossom, rain, slate, dark plumb and soft berry tones. The frames are classic in shape with a minimalist approach to design meaning the styles are easy for anyone to wear. Each frame has its own unique name connected to nature such as Rain, Kale and River giving each frames its own personality and connects the frame back to nature. 


Join Utilita in their mission to rehome at least one million pairs of quality football boots across the UK, to stop them ending up in landfill. That’s the same as taking 7,000 cars off the road for a year, in carbon reductions!

Want to donate your boots? Click here ( to request a dedicated environmentally-friendly freepost bag to send in your pre-played boots (including AstroTurf trainers) or bring them into The Hub here at The Mall and hand them into one of the friendly staff in-store! The store is open Monday to Saturday, 8.30am till 5pm, if you have any questions before you drop off your boots, contact the store on You’ll make someone’s day, whilst saving the planet.


  • Sell Your Soles initiative in partnership with Recyclatex. Bring in your used, unwanted or outgrown footwear to store to send off for recycling – they don’t even have to be from schuh! Then you’ll receive a £5 off* voucher to buy a fresh pair. (*T&Cs apply, see in store for details.)

The Body Shop

  • Return your empty plastic bottles, tubs, tubes and pots to store so TerraCycle® can collect to recycle or repurpose into new items like park benches or playgrounds.


  • They have committed to ensuring a minimum 30% recycled content across its plastic packaging by April 2022.

The Perfume Shop

  • Have you heard about their empty perfume Bottle Recycle Scheme? Don’t bin them! Take them to one of their stores and they will recycle them for you. Taking recycling to the next level they have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects (Eden) to help give back to our planet. Eden plant trees in locations around the world. For every bottle recycled with them, they will donate the cost of planting one tree to Eden Reforestation Projects, to help them carry out their amazing work and help you feel good when you smell good.

New Look 

  • They became one of the first global fashion retailers in the world to achieve both the Carbon Neutral Gold Standard and UN Climate Neutral Now Participation. This means that they are now officially net zero carbon for all their direct operations.
  • All their stores are certified carbon neutral, which means they use renewable energy to power everything they do.

ICC Car Valet

  • ICC make use of environmentally friendly, biodegradable washing agents using only the highest quality valeting products. 

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