Free Parking in Blackburn

Free parking on all Council owned car parks within Blackburn town centre all day Saturdays and Sundays.

This does not include privately owned car parks including The Mall shopping centre and Market Street Lane.

The convenient scheme runs in the pay and display car parks shown on the map and means if you want to visit our range of independent shops and businesses you won’t have the additional cost of parking or difficulty finding change to hand.

Here are some handy tips for the best places to park for different areas of the town.

Darwen Street Area

Use the Mill Lane and Weir Street Car Parks.

Blackburn Market and Cathedral Quarter Area

Use the Starkie Street / Salford Car Parks.

Fleming Square and Church Street Area

Use the Fleming Square Car Park

Northgate & King William Street Areas

Use the Feilden Street or Barton Street Car Parks

Sudell Cross and Richmond Terrace Areas

Use the Simmons Street Car Park

These are just suggestions and ss Blackburn is quite compact, you can of course use any of the above car parks.

Please note: On street parking is only free on Sundays and Bank Holidays and the Feilden Street Car Park is not open on Sunday.


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