For The Community, By The Community by Laura Edwards

‘For The Community, By The Community’ 

A piece for the community and made by the community, facilitated by the artist – part of the Creative Spaces project.

A painted mural silhouette of recognisable landmarks and architecture from the local area.

The mural itself was completed by inviting the local community to submit doodled and illustrated doodle-scapes- shapes, words, and images all within a set size, that Laura translated into small pieces that will adhere into the areas of the mural itself, using the machines and technology at The Making Rooms to manufacture each small piece. 

Artist information:

As an artist, having been born and always lived in Blackburn, and now with her studio space located within The Making Rooms on Exchange Street over the past 2 and a half years; Blackburn Town Centre is both historically and presently vital to Laura Edward’s sense of self and her practice. A large amount of her inspiration is gathered from spaces and experiences of living and growing up in Blackburn.

Laura’s work has always been focused on the becoming of the self and the world that we live in- how what we experience in life, all adds up to a rich tapestry and texture of who we are. Her work mainly focuses around the mental and emotional health of people. Our homes and our towns are so key to our experience as people and who we become as we grow, shape ourselves and thrive.

The past twelve months living with the pandemic and experiencing our town centre space as deserted and disconnected is devastating. A central place of community, of safety, and togetherness is key – and bringing people back to it; safely and with confidence is so vital to the revival of the town and also to the mental and physical health of the residents of


The Making Rooms windows, Exchange Street

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