Footfall Counters Countdown to Blackburn Heritage Festival and Beyond!

A system for counting how many people come into Blackburn is being installed in the town centre as part of the marketing strategy behind the Blackburn BID.  Forty-three footfall counting devices will be placed around the town centre to gauge how many shoppers pass through the main shopping areas each day.

Each of the devices will be installed into a number of Blackburn BID’s levy payers premises on the 22nd and 23rd of July.

The counters will be calibrated over the next few weeks and calculate a true figure of the number of people visiting the town centre each day.  They will be used to measure how the BID’s developments in the town centre are improving the number of visitors in specific areas and specific times of the day and night..

Marketing and Events consultant for the BID, Harriet Roberts said: “There’s so much investment going into the town including £1.5 million from the BID over the next 5 years.  It is really important to benchmark the key areas in town to see how the improvements are having an effect on footfall. We have had lots of support from traders who were happy to host the footfall counters which will be installed in the windows of key properties.  This cooperation shows that footfall is a key concern for traders in Blackburn.”

The Blackburn Heritage Festival planned for September will be the first event organised by the BID. The monitors will be used to record how many visitors the event attracts on 13 and 14 September.

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