Experience Blackburn!

We have launched a new ‘Experience Blackburn’ App for Blackburn Town Centre – supported by Experience Blackburn social media channels. 

The aim of Experience Blackburn is to help to promote businesses in Blackburn town centre and make it easier for visitors to see what Blackburn has to offer. 

We have separated the Blackburn BID social media – where we will communicate with our town centre businesses about issues relevant to them – from the Experience Blackburn channels.

The new app, available free on both iOS and Android, will not only help to promote businesses in the town centre, it will make it easier for visitors to see what Blackburn has to offer.

Benefits for visitors

Experience Blackburn is a visitor-focused approach to support Blackburn BID members.

Instead of promoting events and activities via the established Blackburn BID channels, we have created new channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to specifically share this kind of news with people.

We would like to share business news about your offers, goods, services, staff changes etc so please tag @ExperienceBbn in your social posts.

The Experience Blackburn app supports the new channels. It contains a complete directory of businesses in Blackburn town centre – listing the names, locations, contact details, and description. The listings even link to their website and social channels.

The app allows you to search for your favourite shop, or helps people to discover new places to try.

As lockdown eases, the Experience Blackburn will also be updated with news and events for you and the whole family to enjoy. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app today!

Benefits for businesses 

Since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak, Blackburn BID Manager Catherine Price has been sharing regular updates via the Blackburn BID channels. However, we are aware that this may not be applicable to visitors of the town centre. If is for this reason that we have decided to split the social media channels into business and visitor.

The dedicated member channels will allow us to continue to share the latest updates, guidance and support available without alienating visitors.

We’ve had some really great feedback from BID members about the Experience Blackburn app – which has been developed to help promote each and every BID member. Thank you to all those who helped with that. 

Please help to promote the App by sharing our posts, and including ‘Find us on the Experience Blackburn App’ on your online platforms. 

If there’s anything you’d like to add or change about your listing, or you’ve any offers you’d like to share, please email lisa@vivapr.co.uk who can make the changes.

Celebrating your re-opening

As part of our Experience Blackburn recovery promotional campaign, we want your ‘re-opening’ photos to celebrate and showcase your business.

We’d love to see photos of your first customers, any new looks or refreshes of your business (whether because of safety measures or re-decoration), photos of your staff happy to be back at work, etc. Please send these to catherine.price@newground.co.uk

If you have a hairdressers or barbers, we’d love you to share some ‘before and after’ shots of your client’s ‘lockdown locks! Similarly, let’s see those nail and eyebrow transformations.

You can send your images via email to catherine.price@newground.co.uk, or by text or by WhatsApp to Blackburn BID Manager Catherine Price on 07860 952 352.

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