Blackburn BID helps restaurant become a McLifesaver

A town centre restaurant could soon be serving fries and saving lives after having a defibrillator installed in the branch.

McDonald’s Blackburn, on King William Street, now has one of the life-saving devices – which has been sponsored by Blackburn BID, a partnership between 355 businesses in the town centre.

The installation was championed by Eileen Murphy, Brand Ambassador for McDonald’s Blackburn and the equipment was supplied by Lifeaid Defibrillators.

Eileen said: “This restaurant is like a hub in the town centre. Each month we get 30-35,000 people coming into this store, so it seemed like the perfect place to have a defibrillator. If anyone is lost, has hurt themselves or needs help they come in here.

“Blackburn BID have helped to make this happen. It provides more than just events – it has helped to make the town more safe and secure.”

Eileen added: “The defibrillator has public access seven days a week, and the restaurant is open later than most shops nearby. Now we don’t just sell burgers, we could save lives.”

It is understood that this is the first defibrillator funded by a BID. Blackburn BID plans to promote the ‘pulse points’ around the town centre where both the outdoor and new indoor defibrillators are located.

Catherine Price, Blackburn BID Manager, said: “One of the priorities of Blackburn BID is to make the town safe and secure. With this installation of this defibrillator we are providing quicker access to potentially lifesaving equipment for visitors to the town centre.”

Cheryl Pickstock, Chain of Survival Lead for North West Ambulance Service, will be carrying out defibrillator training with McDonald’s staff on how to use the automated device.

She said: “It’s an excellent initiative and offers early access to a defibrillator which could potentially save a life.

“It’s excellent to see local businesses coming on board with the initiative and Blackburn BID sponsoring this device in the community.”


Catherine Price, Blackburn BID Manager; Kevin Dryburgh, Business Development Manager at Lifeaid, who installed the Defib, Cheryl Pickstock from the NWAA, Eileen Murphy Brand Ambassador for McDonald’s Blackburn; and David Duncan of Econ restaurants who owns the franchise.

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