COVID-19: how HMRC will continue to support customers and the economy

HMRC has issued a Policy Paper on how they will continue to support customers and the economy through Covid-19.  It includes:

  • The Taxpayer Protection Taskforce will see them commit more than 1,200 people to recovering money paid out to incorrect and fraudulent claims. They expect the taskforce to recover £1 billion over the next 2 years.
  • HMRC continue to encourage businesses and individuals to come forward and self-correct if they have made a mistake in their claim. Where people have made an honest mistake, they want to help people correct them.  No one who has tried to do the right thing but made an honest mistake has any need to be concerned, as long as they work with HMRC to put it right. Where customers don’t take the opportunity to correct and don’t respond to prompts, they will carry out investigations into their affairs.
  • The quickest way to contact HMRC is through their digital channels: customers can use their personal or business tax account, the HMRC App, or webchat.
  • HMRC are following some key principles to continue to support individuals and businesses:
    • “Our approach will be to collect the tax due in a way that recognises the very real needs and challenges that businesses and individuals face.
    • We will communicate openly and transparently, to give people as much certainty as possible.
    • It is more important than ever that we are professional, fair and even-handed in the way we interact with our customers.
    • Where we have introduced temporary administrative arrangements that have improved the customer experience or created operational improvements, we will try to build on these changes to deliver long-term sustainable solutions.”
  • The full paper can be found here:

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