HMCTS weekly summary on courts and tribunals during the coronavirus

Please find below a link to the latest HMCTS weekly operational summary on courts and tribunals during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The updates include:

  • Last week they opened a new Nightingale court at Manchester Hilton Hotel, which provides 2 additional courtrooms for Crown Court work.
  • To try to keep the number of people attending courts and tribunals in person to a minimum, they’re encouraging those involved in the legal process to only bring one bring one person with them if they feel they need support – such as a friend or family member.
  • Reminder: All those essential to keeping the justice system running are considered critical workers. This applies to all those who work in courts and tribunals, as well as jurors and public court users, who are permitted to attend their place of work when necessary, to travel, to stay overnight in accommodation. Critical workers can access school places for children.
  • Reminder: HMCTS review and update their COVID risk assessments each week and apply any changes needed. You can ask for a copy from your local court. If you have any questions about how the risk assessment meets government guidance or how it’s being followed, you can raise your concerns following their escalation process. 
  • Reminder: Court and tribunal users must continue to wear a face covering in all public and communal parts of HMCTS buildings. This includes robing rooms.
  • Family – Updated: From Wednesday 24 February 2021 probate practitioners submitting applications on MyHMCTS will need to confirm that 20 working days have elapsed since they submitted form IHT400 to HMRC. This will align the HMCTS and HMRC processes allowing us to process applications with fewer delays and stops.
  • Royal Courts of Justice – Updated: From Friday 19 February 2021 the Royal Courts of Justice and Rolls Building cause lists will be moving to GOV.UK.

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