How to check for counterfeit notes

in recent weeks we have seen low volumes of counterfeits of the polymer £10 and £20 printed onto a plastic material.   Using two quick, simple checks together will ensure that criminals do not deceive you and your staff.

1. Hologram image change

Look for the hologram image change under the main see-through window on the front of the note. It will change from POUNDS to FIVE, TEN or TWENTY depending on the value of the note being examined.

2. See-through window

  • On the £20, the metallic image of a lighthouse is gold and blue on the front of the note, and only silver on the back.
  • On the £10, the metallic image of Winchester cathedral is gold on the front on the note and silver on the back.  

If you are still uncertain after the above checks, for a £10 note you can also check that the book surrounding the letters JA on the back of the note is made from a metallic, copper-coloured foil and not just printed ink.  The equivalent for the polymer £20 is a round, purple foil patch containing the letter ‘T’.   In both cases, you will find this feature on the back of the note, directly behind the silver crown on the front of the note.

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