Blackburn BID AGM, CYBER Act Now workshop, REVO campaign, and change ringing.

Here are some updates on the Blackburn BID AGM, CYBER Act Now workshop, REVO campaign, and change ringing.

Reminder of BID AGM

Firstly, a reminder that the Blackburn BID AGM takes place on Wednesday 24thFebruary 2021, online.  I’m attaching the details to assist.  If you haven’t already let me know you would like to attend, please do, so that I can send you the link to join the meeting in advance.

Free CYBER ACT NOW workshop – Tuesday 16th February 2021

Blue Light Cyber have been working with small and micro businesses in the North West in relation to cyber awareness, and from this have developed CYBER ACT NOW for business colleagues in Lancashire. 

CYBER ACT NOW is a multi-media immersive learning experience which has been developed to support small businesses (SMEs) and micro businesses in their awareness of the risks of cyber-crime.  

CYBER ACT NOW enables colleagues within SMEs to work collectively through an exciting video led journey in a safe learning environmen, to allow them to develop insight into cyber-crime issues and proactively and confidently instigate ideas and plans that will benefit them in the workplace.   

Once the delegates have completed the initiative they will be provided with an interactive cyber-incident action plan which has been specifically developed by Bluelight Cyber to support micro businesses and SMEs.

The plan focusses on the best emerging practice for small businesses and features a host of essential advice and contacts, developed specifically for them in mind. This pack alone is worth in excess of £400.  

The event will be completely free to attend. There will be a request for attendees to take part in the online feedback and polls.  This CYBER ACT NOW pilot will be held online through ZOOM during lock down and is on Tuesday 16th February 2021 between 10am and 1pm. 

The event is being advertised on Eventbrite and can be booked online by clicking here:

Change Ringing – Crime Prevention Information

Please find attached or here file:///C:/Users/local_catherine.price/INetCache/Content.Outlook/UPNBX4XX/Change%20Ringing%20Poster%2011.pdfa fachsheet to help businesses avoid becoming the victim of ‘Change Ringing’ – the crime of deception by confusing and distracting staff to obtain cash dishonestly using sleight of hand.

Revo campaign for business rates reform

In 2020, Revo launched a campaign to cut and reform business rates for retail property. They are having a significant impact on the Government – by provoking parliamentary debates, organising events at party conferences, meeting with Treasury officials and hosting MPs at profile-raising activities at shopping centres around the country.  They are now launching a new phase in this campaign, the “Shopkeepers Campaign”, which will draw in everyone connected to retail and retail property. I’m sharing this information with details of how you can support this campaign.

Through this link you can contact your MP and call for the urgent reform of business rates:  By making sure MPs put the case for retail, they can influence the Government’s Fundamental Review of Business Rates which will conclude on the 3rd March. The more influence that is brought to bear, the greater the likelihood of fundamental reforms being brought forward, so that shops can operate with a lower cost base long into the future and thereby ensure their viability.

Revo says: “Since their introduction, business rates have increased by almost 50 per cent and are the largest fixed cost paid by UK retailers.  They have contributed to the closure of many of well known and well loved high street names, leading to job losses and the loss of community vibrancy.

We have seen many of our local stores shut for good during the Covid-19 pandemic and many others are holding on by a thread.  The advantage that online sales has had over the high street for many years has now been exposed, and reform of the business rates system is desperately needed. 

We all want to see high streets and local employment thriving in these stores for years to come.” 

If you would like posters for local shops or if you need any further information about this campaign, please contact or visit their website:

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