Change to lateral flow location, vaccinations for 25-29, and facebook scam alert

Change to lateral flow location, vaccinations for 25-29, and facebook scam alert
  • Temporary Change of Venue for Lateral Flow Testing

Due to electricity supply issues at KGH this weekend, all covid lateral flow testing has been moved to the ground floor of Blackburn Library on Monday, June 7th.  The lateral flow testing will be available at the library on Town Hall Street in Blackburn town centre from 11am to 5pm.  Work is ongoing on the substation at KGH to bring power back to the building and it is hoped the testing centre will be able to return soon.

  • Vaccinations for final adult cohort

People aged 25 and 29 will be getting invited to book their first Covid vaccination dose tomorrow, with texts being sent from tomorrow and national booking services updated at 7am.  People who cannot go online can call the service on 119 instead to book their jab.  More information can be found here:

  • Facebook scamming alert

Lancashire Police have sent out a message via their Lancashire Talking platform to alert you of some of the Facebook posts going around that you may comment on or even share which may lead to you being scammed or hacked.   The posts ask questions such as “What was your favourite teachers name?’ Who was your childhood best friend?, ‘what was your first car?’ Your mother’s maiden name?’ etc… These are the same sort of questions you will get asked as security questions setting up bank and credit card accounts, online accounts etc.  When answering these questions and posting them, you are giving out answers to your security questions that you may be using without even realising it. Hackers are good at setting these up as ‘get to know each other better’ games on Facebook.  Please think twice before sharing these details on a social media platform.

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