Creating a More Attractive Town

The BID aims to improve the appearance of the area by investing in measures to reduce litter, graffiti and fly posts, raising standards of cleanliness and creating a cleaner and greener environment for employees, residents and visitors.

Improvement Programme

We have worked with resident businesses to identify specific areas of the town centre which give a negative image, lobbying businesses, landlords and the Council to improve the appearance of areas of concern. Research and consultations on gateways, planting projects and priority ‘grot spots’ have enabled the development of delivery programmes. The BID has invested funds to improve signage to free shoppers’ car parks to improve accessibility for visitors.

Future Plans

The BID plans to deliver and maintain the following activity to create a sustainable, cleaner and more attractive environment:

• To continue providing enhancements to improve perceptions for visitors approaching Blackburn via key gateways to the town centre. Projects undertaken by The BID include investing in branded planters and maintenance across the town centre. The grey rusting litter bins in the town centre have been replaced with smart black receptacles which are BID branded.

• To reduce the risk of urban blight caused by empty buildings and unattractive areas in priority areas on the edges of the main shopping areas.

• To continue improving the appearance of empty shops with attractive vinyls to promote the BID and associated campaigns and events.

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