Cardboard Blackburn by Tim Neath

‘Cardboard Blackburn’

Inviting families at a distance to take part in a community based work that will come together in a physical form, something they have not been able to see in the past year. Also an exciting and engaging way of representing and celebrating the town of Blackburn, forming part of the Creative Spaces project.

Through a workshop on 23rd July in The Mall Blackburn, families were invited and supported to help create part of a cardboard version of Blackburn, using cardboard and other materials found around the home.  ‘Cardboard Blackburn’ is now on display in The Mall Shopping centre, in the Market Way unit opposite Boots, and adjacent to Subway.

Artist details:

Tim Neath is a multi-discipline artist who lives and breathes in the world of film. Patiently waiting for inspiration from the ideas and imagery that film has the power to deliver from screen to thought. Investigating the fabric and conventions of film, what makes it tick, pulling it apart through animation and the manipulation of video and digital image. With the notion of handmade at centre of his practice he’s work and low-fi aesthetic.

For the majority of his practice he has explored the myth of conquest; the Western. Working with cliché to explore and building cardboard and balsa model miniature towns, devoid of life, ever-changing in form as the models disintegrate, new smaller and more intricate versions taking their place that act as film sets to be photographed, filmed and animated.

Neath has also explored the violence towards victims in Westerns taking the form of twin projection pieces in miniature cardboard environments. The 19th Century American policy of Manifest Destiny mentioned in Cowboys and Aliens (2011) dir, John Favreau, was explored through a low-fi animation that pitted vintage cowboy and Native Americans against a cardboard alien foe. Whilst more recently exploring the effects of his practice being affected by the UK’s first lockdown in 2020.


The Mall

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