Boost for Blackburn Opticians

A BLACKBURN-based opticians has added £100,000 of eye technology to its centre. The Valli Group, which owns the Richmond Terrace centre, has invested in two of the eye technology machines, a colorimeter and a lab edging machine.

The additions mean that customers will be able to have their eyes examined in greater detail, possibly resulting in the detection of hidden problems sooner.

Moin Valli, the group’s managing director, said the colorimeter would aid clinicians in prescribing precision tinted lenses for customers with reading difficulties. He said: “Investing in advanced optical technology will ultimately mean an even faster, more efficient service for our customers. “Any lurking eye problems will be identified from the outset and addressed quickly, allowing us to look after our patients eyes better. We have a fantastic team and they deserve to have the highest quality equipment.”

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