Blackburn’s Blooming great idea brings new BID members

A scheme to bring flowers and foliage to Blackburn town centre has also resulted in flourishing new growth in membership for the Blackburn BID.

The Blackburn BID ‘Adoptapot’ scheme offered businesses the chance to sign up for pots of flowers to display outside their premises in return for maintaining and watering the displays as part of the town centre’s campaign for a gold medal in this year’s Britain in Bloom competition organised by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Smaller businesses, who are not large enough to pay the BID levy, were offered the opportunity to become BID members through a voluntary levy and in return, were also able to take advantage of the blossoming campaign.

The tall green pots of flowers graced the entrances of many businesses over the summer, including Thomas V Shaw, BBC Radio Lancashire, Edmondsons, Liz ‘n’ Lils, Hobkirk, Toplex, Age UK, Pelle, Nigels, The Refreshment Bar and many of the premises on Richmond Terrace.

Ginger Muffins at Sudell Cross, a popular lunchtime café and takeaway for many local workers, became BID members after seeing the pots brightening up the area around their shop.
Roshan Saleh, owner of Ginger Muffins, said; “When we saw the flowers appearing around the town, we asked how we could get involved. We were thrilled to receive our pots with the added benefit of BID membership too. It’s great to be involved in the BID that does so much positive work around the town and we were only too pleased to look after the flowers. Customers have loved them.”

Harriet Roberts, BID Manager, said; “We already have the additional three tier planters and barrier basket displays and the maintenance which are funded by the BID and we wanted something that businesses could get actively involved with. Around 50 businesses pledged to maintain and water the displays themselves, it has helped brighten up the town even more and to gain more BID members is a great bonus too! It’s been a great success.”

Blackburn won a gold in the Britain in Bloom North West awards in 2016 and is in the finals for both the Britain in Bloom regional and national awards which will be announced next month at the awards in Llandudno.

Pictured is Rizwana Rana of Ginger Muffin, Blackburn

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