Blackburn is reopening safely

Hairdressers, barbers, pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants were permitted to re-open from last Saturday 4 July, providing they are ‘Covid-safe’.  

For those who reopened over the weekend, or are preparing to re-open over the coming days and weeks, we are sharing with you some key safety issues and guidance that came up over the weekend which will be implemented throughout Blackburn:

One of the biggest issues was managing entry to licensed premises.  Here are some key things to consider to help with this:-

  • Have staff (security staff if appropriate) at the entrance explaining the safety measures in place and what’s expected of customers in the premises
  • Identify the capacity in your premises that means social distancing can be reasonably maintained, display this at the entrance (we have free posters available for you to help), and monitor numbers in the premises
  • Make plans for queues outside premises so that people can queue socially distantly, out of the road and without causing obstructions to others
  • Where possible provide space for smokers outside which doesn’t obstruct the doorway or any queues.  If space cannot be provided, make sure the entrance to the premises is kept clear for people entering or leaving.
  • If you have more than one door think about a one way system for entry and exit
  • Encourage customers to use hand sanitiser on entry
  • Please take customer contact details on entry to help with the NHS Test & Trace system
  • Where possible provide table service and contactless ordering
  • Expect customers to not be following social distancing and try to do all you can to make this easy for them e.g. separating tables, encouraging people to sit down in their groups, mark out socially distant spaces on floors and seats
  • To help reduce one of the biggest causes of transmission of Coronavirus, keep music and sound at a low level or off, so that people don’t have to raise their voices.  If noise cannot be avoided e.g. hairdryers, try not to talk/shout over the noise.

It is really important that everyone does their best to try to avoid a spike in cases which could lead to a ‘local lockdown’ being imposed or your venue having to close.  You may have heard on the news today that at least 3 pubs have had to close due to customers testing positive for Coronavirus since Saturday.

You can find the full guidance for working ‘Covid-safely’ here:

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