Blackburn Charity Set For Growth

A long established charity in Blackburn is developing the cheapest catering service in Lancashire in order to reach out to more of the deaf community. 

Courthouse Catering is a new service which will open more doors for the charity, with all profits going towards services for the deaf community.

Derived from the highly established Blackburn restaurant, The Courthouse Restaurant. Courthouse Catering is set to be the lowest cost catering service in Lancashire, offering a high quality service provided by the hearing impaired.

Doug Alker, Managing Director of ELDS said: “East Lancashire Deaf Society goes over-and-above when it comes to providing support to people with a hearing impairment. This new service has been created with our already successful restaurant for all profits to go to charity. The service will be run by hearing and deaf staff, but it will show people that deaf individuals are capable of anything a hearing person is.

“The Courthouse Restaurant is already highly recommended and receives great reviews from all customers, therefore we will transfer the customer service skills to our catering service to make it just as successful.

“ELDS always looks at possible business ventures in order to expand, this not only helps fund vital services for the deaf community, but also allows us to run apprenticeships for young deaf school leavers in order to aid them with creating a successful career in the future”.

East Lancashire Deaf Society has been aiding the deaf community since 1877 and aims to help the deaf community in Lancashire. They support the deaf community but also help the local community (Blackburn) by continuing to grow their social enterprises to help the development of the local area.

Cassie Cain, Funding and Marketing manager at ELDS said: “Although our current services are greatly beneficial and essential to many, there’s a large part of the population we haven’t yet been able to reach due to lack of finance.

“There’s currently an estimated 11million people in the U.K with hearing loss (1 in 6 people), with 45,000 of them being children. We currently help only a fraction of that percentage.

“Therefore, it’s essential we continue to grow as a business in order to reach out and be able to provide services to more people, and Courthouse Catering is a step forward to helping those who are missing out on potentially vital services”.

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