Eyebrow threading guidance and workplace support.

For those businesses who are resuming services or now able to reopen, you can answer a few questions on the gov.uk website to be provided with key guidance that relates to your workplace.  You can find the questionnaire here:


We’ve been asked a question about the safety of and ability to provide eyebrow threading services, when the thread is often held in the therapist’s mouth, and the government guidance requires providers of close contact services to wear both a visor and a Type II face mask and avoid skin to skin contact where possible.  

Although the guidance doesn’t deal with it specifically, there are other options for eyebrow threading:

  • Hand-to-Hand / Figure Eight Technique – This technique involves using both hands to guide a looped thread over hairs for extraction. Fingers on one hand are opened while fingers on the others close, creating a tightening of the thread and extraction of the target hair.
  • Around the Shoulder / Neck Technique – Artists using the shoulder technique wrap part of the looped thread around their neck or shoulder area and extract hairs by throwing their head back.  Artists can tie the thread around their neck (safely) or onto a ribbon around the neck, holding it secure in the same way as the mouth would.

There are lots of online guidance videos showing you how to do the alternative techniques, and examples of how therapists have adapted equipment to work for them too, such as using ‘neck straps’ with a clip on.  If you’d like to be signposted to any of the videos just let catherine.price@newground.co.uk know.

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