Two day wargames battle in Blackburn this weekend

Blackburn will become home to a two-day battle – but don’t worry… it will be part of a friendly Warhammer-style tournament.

Bat Cave, on Town Hall Street, a Blackburn BID member, will be welcoming 16 people from around the world to play 15mm Ancient Wargaming – a game of skill and luck using 15mm historical miniatures.

Battles are typically played on a 4’ x 4’ table, with armies of up to 100 figures such as the Romans, Greeks, Chinese, British and Egyptians organised into units to earn points.

Nasser, known to regulars as Nas Bat, is the owner of the shop. He said: “The idea of the tournament being hosted at the Bat Cave was the idea of Chris Tofalos – one of our regulars and a big fan of the game. The two-day tournament, being held over 7 and 8 May, will see people travelling from as far as Zanzibar!

The tournament will be using a Swiss system to determine who plays who – with each game lasting around two and a half hours. Over the two days, they will play 3 games per day. The overall champion will receive a trophy – and bragging rights amongst their peers.

Bat Cave opened in Blackburn in 2020. An Aladdin’s cave of comics, figures and wargaming tools, the shop is the dream of Nas who has loved war gaming since the age of 15.

Enthusiasts are able to come in and use the tables to game or paint their models.

Nas said: “It’s a place to play. Our prices are similar to the internet – but it’s a community where you can meet and play against other wargaming fans.”

The shop is open Mon-Sat 10.30-5.30pm and Wednesday and Thursday evenings until 9pm.

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