More thought needed into essential shops


With the lockdown measurers being eased and people being allowed to move around again, a number of shops which remain closed have been forgotten about. Probably because we are very niche in what we do but there are a number of us in the area.

People are being encouraged to go back to work but also being told to avoid public transport. This leaves cycling (shops allowed to open), walking, driving (garages and workshops allowed to open), motorcycling (where the rider needs PPE by law to do so – has been forgotten about).

I operate a motorcycle clothing and helmet store in the borough which, from the guidance given, is not on the essential shops list even though our products are required to enable key workers and general workers that ride a motorcycle to get to work.

So niche is our market, that a corner shop has more footfall, is smaller and normally has only one entrance/exit putting people more at risk there from buying sweets than it would for people to come through our door to buy protective clothing which I would deem more essential. They could though, could go and buy some flowers from a garden centre to give to their relatives who may have been injured by riding a motorcycle without adequate protection.

Id like to know what can be done about our situation and if shops in the area like ours could be allowed to open (with safety measures in place of course) to supply working motorcyclists with safety products some of which are required by law and some of which are common sense protective items. I have written to my MP to no avail.

I already know of a few places classed as non-essential (hand car washes etc, other car-related businesses) have reopened this week

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Posted by Keith Nixon
Asked on 15th May 2020 9:33 am
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I'm sorry about the delay in responding further. We have been going through the guidance, legislation and approaching relevant organisations for advice but we are struggling to get you clarification. Please could you let me know which area you live in so we can take this up with your MP (I know you have done this already). We need to make it clear that this is something that cannot be resolved at a local level and we need government guidance.

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Answered on 21st May 2020 11:06 am
    Hi, I live in the Burnley area and the chap is called Anthony higginbottom
    (Keith at 21st May 2020 12:59 pm)
      Thank you Keith.
      ( at 21st May 2020 1:08 pm)
        Thanks Catherine. The shop is in the Blackburn borough and I knew this question would be a tricky one to answer. My MP hasn't even responded. I did get in touch with the MP from the area that the shop is based (who did take the time to respond) but as I dont live there he cant assist.
        (Keith Nixon at 21st May 2020 2:13 pm)
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          Thank you for your question Keith. We will endeavour to try to help you and get back to you as soon as we can.

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          Answered on 15th May 2020 10:00 am
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