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I’ve increased my business’ followers on facebook and instagram during lockdown a lot. How do i turn the followers into visitors to my shop, and how do i increase the followers into sales – online and in store,?

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Posted by Remi S
Asked on 25th June 2020 10:36 am
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Hi Remi, great work on the increase in followers. What you need to do now is 1) make customers feel like it is safe to visit, and 2) showcase your products so it makes people want to part with their cash. You can do this by sharing images of the hygiene measures you have in place, photos of the inside and outside of the shop so people know what they're looking for. You could perhaps showcase different products every few days to grab people's attention - but make sure you have a call to action. What is going to encourage your would-be customers to buy something now? Can you run a promotion? Discount if you buy before the end of the month? You may also want to consider a paid-for ad campaign on facebook/Instagram - which doesn't need to cost. fortune but you can be really specific with your audience segmentation. I hope this helps.

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Answered on 25th June 2020 10:40 am
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