How should I advertise the safety measures in place for my customers upon reopening my shop?


I want to know which promotion method to invest in as I only have a small budget and wouldn’t be able to afford a big campaign.

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Posted by kathryn2020
Asked on 25th June 2020 10:26 am
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Hi Kathryn2020, thanks for your message. You are not alone! A number of businesses are having to trim the fat at the moment, but to ensure our business survives the effects of the pandemic is it essential that you 'sell more stuff'. To do this, you have to attract customers. My advice is to identify which channel is most used by your audience (this might be traditional print media if you have an older audience), it might be Facebook, it might be Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat or even LinkedIn. Once you've decided which platform to focus your attention on, then work out what your unique offer is and why people should shop with you. Try and make your content as visual as possible to grab your potential customers attention and make sure you have a call to action - such as 'call us today on 01254 XXX XXXX' or 'place your order here:'. Good luck!

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Answered on 25th June 2020 10:36 am
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