All in a day’s work for Blackburn’s impressive local artists

As part of this year’s Blackburn Heritage Festival the Bureau Centre for Arts challenged local artists to create a painting of the town in a day.

On Saturday, 12th September this year a group of amateur artists gathered in a disused church in Blackburn to take part in what must be one of the quickest turnaround exhibitions ever.

Open to artists of all ages, the competition invited participants to come down to the Bureau Centre for Arts, Blackburn, bringing their own materials to have their blank canvases stamped – this proved the work was carried out on that same day.

They had until 6pm to hand in their masterpieces and the results formed an exhibition about the town for the very next day.

Here are some of the paintings below!

King George's Hall Pencil


Untitled Acrylic

King George's Hall

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